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Barr-Thorp Electric is an electrical control solutions provider located in the mid-west. From machine control to plant floor automation, our solutions are easy, reliable, and cost effective. Whether you need help sourcing the product or making it work, you can depend on us.

We have four locations located in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. We believe that outsourcing can be avoided using the right technology. Give us a call and we’ll help you improve quality, lower costs, and become more profitable.

Contact us today and let us help you spend less time on your electrical needs so you can spend more time creating value for your company.

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New Products & Features: Simple Sensors

When the application is simple, the solution should be, too. That’s why SICK offers a broad range of solutions—from photoelectric sensors to magnetic cylinders sensors—that are easy to integrate into your packaging machine. With fast delivery times, on-site consultations and reliable detection, what more could you want?

Simple Solutions include four major product families: W15, IME, IQ Inductive, MZT8/MZC1.

News: Automation and Control


04/24/2015 – Extended communication capability comes to TeSys T devices with the addition of EtherNet/IP protocol. This open, industry-standard networking technology enables easier integration of high-level motor protection capabilities into a facility-wide supervision and control system.

Increasingly displacing older industrial automation protocols and chosen by Schneider Electric as the convergence communication protocol for products connected to Ethernet networks, EtherNet/IP is an excellent choice to assure long-term compatibility, availability and support. It also supports communications across a broad range of industrial and commercial facilities, so they can more easily enhance energy efficiency and production optimization.

TeSys T motor management system with EtherNet/IP protocol provides multiple benefits:

  • EtherNet/IP uses standard Ethernet tools and technologies, making it easier to combine motor management with PLCs and computers, while helping ensure continued compatibility as the technology evolves.
  • Standardization drastically reduces communication configuration and testing time.
  • Allows devices from different manufactures to be used for distinct applications.
  • EtherNet/IP offers superior robustness and reliability, while sustaining enhanced bandwidth to support control, data, and other functions.

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