Hoffman Pentair WeatherFlo HD Enclosure

Hoffman Pentair WeatherFlo HD Variable Frequency Drives Enclosure


WEATHERFLO® HD Enclosures are designed to protect and cool
100-500 HP variable frequency drives. These enclosures provide an
integrated cooling solution for your VFD application needs.


  • Optional impeller packages provide 840 actual CFM per impeller
  • Easy-to-install back panel with flexible installation methods
  • Painted white polyester powder finish with low solar absorption
  • Selectable bases and tops, designed to meet your specific needs
  • Gangable; enclosures can be joined to one another
  • Easy-to-change filter (not included)


  • Frames, bases and gland plates constructed of .125-in. aluminum
  • Tops and fan housing constructed of .080-in. aluminum
  • Sides and standard rear cover constructed of .100-in. aluminum
  • Gasketed door, top and base
  • Panels and heavy-duty rear cover constructed of 12 gauge mild steel
  • Three-point latches operated by patented padlocking handle
  • Grounding provisions on door and body


  • RAL 9003 white polyester powder paint finish inside and outside, including panels, tops, covers and bases.


  • INTERSAFE® Data Interface Ports, Type 4/4X/12
  • PANELITE™ Enclosure Lights Overview
  • Thermoplastic Data Pocket
  • H2OMIT® Thermoelectric Dehumidifier
  • Stainless Steel Window Kits


For your specific needs please identify and order each individual
1. Select frame
2. Select top, dependent on cooling solution
3. Select base, dependent on cooling solution
4. Select panel
5. Select rear cover, HD rear cover designed for applications
when the drive is mounted on rear cover instead of the panel
6. Select number of Impellers (if needed), room for two
impellers per door
Please see Product Selection Matrix on page 4.

Modification and Customization

Hoffman excels at modifying and customizing products to your
specifications. Modification options for WEATHERFLO HD include: size
changes, custom paint, and holes and cut-outs. Contact Barr-Thorp Electric for complete information.

Hoffman Pentair WeatherFlo HD Enclosure Data Sheet

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