Kollmorgen STF Food Grade Washdown Motors

The Perfect Mix of Performance and Hygiene for Any Food Industry or Washdown Application.

Kollmorgen’s family of high torque density servomotors provides the widest range of features and options in the industry. Our robust selection allows you to select exactly the right motor for your application, without having to over spec and over pay.

Your Application is Unique and There’s No Reason to Treat It Any Other Way. Food industry regulations place numerous and often stringent demands on system manufacturers.  However, depending on your application, the specific requirements for your motion components can range from simple to complex.

It costs too much money to put an over specified motor in a washdown application.  And it takes up too much time and effort to modify a housing for a hygienic application. Why pay for this approach or any other motor that doesn’t perform the way you need it to.

Whatever Your Application, Kollmorgen has the Exact Motor You Need.

With Kollmorgen’s diverse selection, you don’t have to settle for just any motor. You can select the exact motor for your application and get the job done right, achieving optimal results.

Whether you’re looking to put you motor near a wet area or plan to expose it to high pressure washdown, the Kollmorgen family of servomotors provides a right fit for your specific application. You can select from the robust line-up of AKM™, including the exclusive AKM™ Washdown, AKM™ Food Grade models and STAINLESS STEEL W series – all with a proven track record for dependability, superior functionality and high-performance.


  • Industry-leading performance
  • Certifications ranging from basic IP65 up to IP69 and FDA
  • Thousands of model options, STANDARD!
  • Severe washdown options
  • All stainless options (up to 300 and 174PH grade)
  • Mounts seamlessly with Micron® AquaTrue™ wash-down planetary gearbox

Washdown Data Sheet
Stainless Steel Washdown Selection Guide




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