Modicon Safety Controller

The XPSMC safety controllers can be used for monitoring all of the different safety tasks for your applications in one safety controller. The associated configuration software makes development of the safety solution simple, using drag and drop techniques to configure the safety system. Detailed diagnostics provides an in depth overview of the status of the inputs and outputs, and identifies any faults and the cause. XPSMC16Z and XPSMC32Z safety controllers conform to category 4 per EN 954-1 and SIL 3 per IEC 61508.

Key Features

  • Safety inputs – 16 or 32 safety inputs for flexible multifunctional safety applications
  • Safety outputs – Six safety semiconductor outputs
  • Two safety relay outputs, with two relay contacts each (for a total of four relay outputs) One output for muting indicators
  • Control outputs – Eight control outputs are used to supply the safety inputs in order to detect faulty wiring or short circuits in the wiring.
  • Network Connections Available 

Configuration Software
The wide device library of certified safety functions simplifies the development of safety applications. 
Using the simple to use XPSMCWIN software, the configuration can be developed without special training.

Diagnostics with PC and Software
Using the diagnostics mode, the XPSMCWIN software provides an exhaustive overview about the status of the safety functions 
The status of the inputs, the safety devices and the outputs are indicated by various colored indicators. 
A text message in a yellow frame clearly indicates the kind and the location of a fault.

Diagnostics With LED’s in the front cover
6 LEDs indicate the status of the Controller 
8 LEDs indicate the status of the safety outputs. 
16 or 32 LEDs indicate the status of the safety inputs. 
Input / output errors are indicated by blinking of the correspondent LED.

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