Schneider Electric Simplifies HMI installation with a revolutionary mounting system.

Magelis STU

Color touch screen graphic terminals, 5.7″ or 3.5″ screens, configured by Vijeo Designer.

Schneider Electric has revolutionized the way industrial terminals are mounted. Thanks to its push-button style mounting system, Magelis STU, from the HMI range, fits anywhere on your machines or enclosures.

Tool-free installation

After introducing the spring clip mounting mechanism, Schneider Electric™ delivers innovative technology once again with its 22 mm-diameter standard push-button style mounting system, which eliminates the need to make an enclosure cut-out.

Optimum visibility

The 5.7″ and 3.5″ QVGA 65K color TFT screens are the latest addition to the Schneider Electric Small Panel HMI offer and provide crystal-clear readability.

Innovative concept

The modular design of the HMI STU allows you to select between 3.5″ and 5.7″ screen sizes without having to change your panel cut out design.

Easy to program and maintain

  • Configured by the same Vijeo™ Designer HMI software as the rest of the Magelis™ HMI family giving you the full features of this high end software even on these smaller products.
  • No batteries required; backlit by an LED
  • Removable power connector
  • Use USB memory stick to load applications & manage runtime data Remote view and control with the WebGate function by standard web browser on remote PC

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