Tofino Industrial Security Solutions

Security For SCADA and Industrial Process Control Systems

What is the Tofino Industrial Security Solution?

  • A system that protects industrial networks, SCADA systems and process control facilities from external cyber threats and internal network incidents.
  • The system consists of one or more security appliances that are configured with firewall software and other optional modules.|
  • It protects groups of PLCs, DCS, RTUs, and HMIs that have similar security needs.

Unlike IT firewalls, Tofino is:

  • Implemented without plant downtime
  • Industrially hardened
  • Easy to configure by control engineers
  • Certified and approved by industrial automation vendors and standards groups
  • Effective in securing industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP and OPC Classic
  • A solution for meeting and exceeding NERC CIP, ANSI/ISA-99 and IEC 62443 standards

Read more about Tofino Appliance from Schneider Electric.

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