Schneider Electric Enclosures

Schneider Electric Universal Enclosures

The specialists in sealed equipment

Schneider Electric Universal Enclosures originate from two companies and brands created in 1958: Himel with origins in Spain, and Sarel with origins in France. These two companies have more than 50 years experience as leading specialists in the design, manufacturing and marketing of enclosure systems for the installation and
protection of automation and electrical devices in all types of environmental conditions.

Helping you make the most of your energy
From users and purchasing advisers, to distributors and system designers, Schneider Electric integrates customer expectations into its global business approach.

The choice of a worldwide leader
To efficiently meet the needs of professionals in the fields of electricity, automation and electronics, Schneider Electric’s product manufacturing lines are controlled by strict quality assurance systems.

Manufacturing takes place in different facilities distributed over four sites, covering a total surface area of 55,000 m . Each facility houses specialized production lines, dedicated to:

    • Sheet-steel metalwork
    • Injection and extrusion of plastics
    • Stainless-steel metalwork
    • Hot press-molding of SMC polyester

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified

  • Quality assurance processes to help meet customer needs
  • Total quality approach covers all the stages of product design, manufacturing, ordering and delivery
  • Customers’ needs are the focus of entire process, from new product development to product delivery.

Introduction Products
Equipment and materials are adapted to most circumstances, whatever the configurations or applications, and are designed to provide quality, reliability, speed and ease of use.

Customize products to your requirements and respond to specific needs with the greatest flexibility, efficiency and the highest levels of quality.  With this approach, Schneider Electric contributes to its customers’ competitiveness.

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