KB Electronics Variable Speed DC Drives

KB offers 47 models of off-the-shelf distributor style Variable Speed DC Drives that cover the most popular voltages and horsepower ranges. From 115/208-230 input voltages and extending from 1/100 to 5 horsepower, our DC drives are available as imbedded chassis/IP20, stand-aloneStamped Aluminum enclosures NEMA-1/IP40 and heavy duty, indoor/outdoor, wash-down die Cast Aluminum enclosures NEMA-4X/IP65. A variety of optional DC Drive accessories are also available to meet the most demanding applications.

KB Penta Power Variable Speed DC Drives are available through over 800 distributors worldwide.

Are you an OEM in need of a custom solution? Would you like your DC Drive customized at the factory and ready to go out of the box? With our KB Kustom program, we can help you build “The Right Control for your Application.”

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