WITTENSTEIN Lubrication System for Rack & Pinion

WITTENSTEIN Offers Lubrication System for Rack & Pinion

A lubrication system is an essential part of the rack and pinion solution, used to aide in the lifespan of the entire linear unit. Launching new rack options this year, WITTENSTEIN is highlighting the importance of overall system awareness by introducing customers to the lubrication system specially designed to work with any type of rack and pinion system.

Before the initial use of a rack and pinion system, the components must be lubricated to ensure proper and smooth workflow. Lubrication is essential to keep any rack and pinion system working for years and years.  Without lubrication, the rack and pinion gears will become scratched and worn with the potential for teeth to eventually break.

There are multiple components that make up the lubrication system, each piece playing a key part. The lubrication canister houses the lubrication for the type of application being used. This canister comes in two sizes, depending on the required dose to be dispersed. A sensor kit is attached to the lubrication canister to notify when the lubrication is running low. For ease of use, an exchange lubricator is available when the original lubrication runs out. The lubrication flows from the canister to the mounting shaft through a plastic hose connection. The mounting shaft contains holes which allow for the lubrication to pass through to a felt pinion which disburses lubrication onto either the pinion or the rack.

To keep your rack and pinion system working in full swing, make sure to use the proper amount of lubrication.  This will, in turn, save on repairs and the general up keep of the application.

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