Sick Barcode Scanners

SICK bar code scanners accelerate logistics and automation processes.
Their excellent reading performance ensures continuous process flow – even with poor quality or damaged bar codes. A high scanning frequency permits high process speeds, and simple networking improves operational efficiency. Plus, compact connection devices save space and reduce costs. The SICK bar code product portfolio offers the right solution for nearly any task.

Your benefits

  • Meets nearly any read requirement due to a large portfolio of products
  • Intelligent auto setup function saves time during commissioning
  • Integrated code reconstruction technology permits high read rates even if
    the bar codes are damaged, contaminated or partially covered
  • High scanning frequencies make it possible to use in high-speed applications
    up to 6 m/s
  • Less programming time required for the control system, since data can be
    transmitted to the control system in the desired format
  • External parameter cloning enables fast scanner exchange
  • Easy machine mounting due to compact connector technology and
    easy-to-use accessories
  • Integrated diagnostic functions simplify system monitoring

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