SICK ColorRanger E

High-speed 3D and color in one camera!

ColorRanger E extends the standard Ranger family by providing high-resolution color measurements. It offers full resolution RGB-color with on-chip white balancing and spatial correction for high-quality color images. It is the ideal choice for applications where both 3D shape and color texture matters. ColorRanger E uses laser triangulation to extract the true 3D shape of objects regardless of the objects’ contrast or color. Using MultiScan technology, it can measure a multitude of other object features, such as contrast, laser scatter, and color at the same time. This allows for reliable inspections and cost-efficient solutions since it only takes one ColorRanger E to see it all!
Features  Fields of application  Benefits

  • High-speed 3D and color in one camera
  • High-speed 3D with color up to 11kHz
  • Up to 3072 pixels resolution in color and 1536 pixels in 3D
  • Multi-linear: RGB + Monochrome (w/ + w/o IR)
  • On-chip color channel white balancing
  • Spatially corrected color output
  • Easy in-machine 3D calibration tool
  • High flexibility in configuration, including MultiScan, data triggering, and field-of-view
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface

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