Until now, using RFID in extreme temperature applications has been nearly impossible, incredibly expensive and highly unreliable.

TURCK has successfully solved the challenges of these installations by developing data carriers (TAGs) resistant to temperatures up to 210°C (410°F) for 30 min. With the ability to read and write data immediately after high temperature exposure, plant productivity and effi ciency greatly increases.

BL ident data carriers guarantee data retention for up to 10 years at appropriate ambient temperatures.

Fast And Durable

BL ident data carriers (TAG‘s) operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, and are therefore significantly faster than conventional 125 kHz systems.

Data carriers with EEPROM or FRAM memories are available. TAG‘s with FRAM memories allow signifi cantly higher data transfer rates for reading and writing at conveying speeds of higher than 10 ms.

In addition to the higher speed, FRAM memories can also withstand signifi cantly more write operations than EEPROMs.

While the maximum limit for EEPROMs is usually reached after 100,000 cycles, FRAMs allow up to 1 Billion write operations. Even at 100,000 write operations per day, this equates to a service life of 27 years.

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