IDEC HE5B Series Grip Style Enabling Switch

Enabling “Dead Man” Switches

What is an enabling switch?

An enabling switch is a 3-position (OFF-ON-OFF) switch to allow a machine operation only when the switch is lightly pressed and held in the middle position (position 2). Because it disables machine operation when released (position 1) or further depressed (position 3) by a panicked operator, the safety of operators is ensured.

Because operators use pendants in hazardous environments performing teaching, system changeover, and maintenance of robots, they must have protection against unpredictable motion of robots, and therefore teach pendants are equipped with 3-position enabling switches.

HE5B Key features include:

  • 3 position funtionality (Off – On – Off) as required for manual robotic control
  • Ideally suited for use as an enabling (aka “deadman”) switch for robotic cells
  • Provides a high level of safety based on human behavioral studies that determine
    personnel may squeeze OR let go when presented with a panic situation
  • Contacts will not re-close when released from Off ‡ On (3 ‡ 1) (per IEC60204-1;
  • Optional E-Stop switch built in
  • Connection for conduit and cable strain relief built in
  • IP66 waterproof sealing
  • Meets ANSI RIA 15.06 robotics standards
  • Optional momentary pushbutton or E-Stop built in

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