Schneider Electric XY2CH Safety Cable Pull

XY2CH Cable Pull for up to 50 ft. (15 m) cable length

Emergency Stop:

  • (Latching contact – reset by push button – positive opening contacts)
    Available only with slow break contacts.
  • The N.O. contacts will close after the N.C. contacts open. They do not change state simultaneously.
  • Only the N.C. contacts should be used in the safety control circuit. The N.O. contacts are provided solely for signaling – NOT for safety functions.


  • Standard push button
  • Booted push button
  • Mushroom head push button
  • Key operated emergency stop (uses Ronis Key No. 421)

Normal Stop:

Normal stop (momentary action – no reset, no positive opening contacts)
Available only with snap action contacts. Not for use in safety circuits.

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