Sick C4000 Fusion Safety Light Curtain

The C4000 Fusion safety light curtain bundles functions and expands the field of applications for safety light curtains. It is qualified for compact muting alternative without additional sensors as well as for highly available hazardous point and area protection. In harsh ambient conditions, the Fusion provides maximum uptime while virtually eliminating false trips.

  • Reliable: flying wood chips or small debris are filtered, preventing annoying false trips
  • Simple: for the access protection with automated material transport C4000 Fusion differentiates between man and material
  • Available: skids are being detected, sporadic objects like dangling shrink-wrap or pallet wood splinters are automatically suppressed
  • Cost-effective: only one sender / receiver pair, ensures cost savings during mounting, wiring and service
  • Easily integrated: no secondary muting sensors necessary, only the OSSDs are implemented
  • Safe: also provides protection in areas in which there is no object, unlike conventional muting solutions
  • Flexible: individually adjustable to local conditions: sequence monitoring of defined objects of almost any size
  • Position monitoring: using two single beams out of the curtain
  • The integrated EFI interface allows the use of addtional sensor functions.

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