Square D Harmony XB5R Wireless & Batteryless Pushbuttons

New Wireless & Batteryless Pushbuttons from Square D

Harmony XB5R is the new Schneider Electric range of wireless and batteryless pushbuttons that helps to maintain a high level of productivity in industrial environments.

The wireless design contributes to easy and fast installation in both new and existing applications such as bottling, packaging and conveying lines. Installers no longer need to run a cable through the machine structure or cable tray to connect the pushbutton to the electrical panel. With the wireless pushbuttons, installation costs are reduced by 20 percent as compared to traditional wired solutions.

The Plug and Play packages come complete with a pushbutton transmitter and receiver, which are already paired, meaning that no setup operations are required.

And because the pushbutton has no battery, you can enjoy permanent availability without worrying about battery maintenance and recycling.

Harmony XB5R adds freedom and mobility as users can move away from the machines and operate the pushbutton, even over long distances.

Harmony XB5R Wireless and Batteryless Pushbutton Catalog

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