Thomson Integrated Actuators

Motion Gets Smarter with Thomson Integrated Actuators

Smart actuators make tailored machine design easy

A growing market for smart electric actuation is off-highway vehicles such as agriculture, turf and construction.  As these pieces of equipment are becoming more sophisticated using satellite navigation, for example, there is a requirement for more sophisticated and smarter operation throughout the vehicle – even down to the mechanical actuators and cylinders.

“Being able to use bus communications creates an advantage for these mobile vehicle manufacturers because they can implement a single electronic control unit (ECU) instead of multiple single function controllers,” says Håkan Persson, Product Line Manager for Thomson Linear Actuators.  “Commands can be sent to the actuators for execution and the actuator can provide status information in return, such as position and speed.  It can also report on potential safety problems such as an overloaded unit or high temperature conditions.

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