Toshiba EQO Global Motors

Toshiba Motors announces the EQP Global™ SD Motor Series.

Toshiba’s nextgeneration NEMA Premium® efficiency motor series. 

Efficiency, Quality, & Performance

This cutting-edge motor product line is designed to meet or exceed the competitive demands of the global market as well as the requirements of the Energy Independence
& Security Act of 2007 (EISA), while maintaining the high reliability and quality expected from Toshiba.

The EQP Global SD motor series is designed for severe duty applications. Building on over 20 years of success with the EQPIII motor series, Toshiba’s EQP Global SD features multiple new design enhancements that make it one of the lowest cost-of-ownership products in the industry.

Toshiba’s EQP philosophy extends beyond great products. Toshiba provides solutions and Global Supply Chain Management Systems (GSCMS) to meet the evolving needs of our their global customers.

  • NEMA Premium® Efficiency (1 through 500 HP)
  • Meets or Exceeds Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (EISA)
  • Addresses Global Motor Specifications Including CE, NEMA, & IEC
  • Dual-Frequency 50/60 Hz Design (50/60 Hz Listed on Nameplate on 1 though 75 HP)
  • Inverter-Duty Rated
  • Multi-Mount on 140 Through 445 & N449 Frames
  • Cast Iron Conduit Box as Standard

Premium Performance Ad

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EQP Global SD Brochure

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