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Barr-Thorp Electric, a Schneider Electric distributor partner, has gained the prestigious "ACE" (Automation & Control Excellence) designation. What does that mean to you? It guarantees Barr-Thorp Electric has passed the rigorous qualifications established by Schneider Electric and is qualified to offer unparalleled technical capabilities and leading edge automation and control solutions.

Barr-Thorp Electric offers a vast selection of automation & control, electrical and industrial components along with training and services. As an "ACE" distributor, Barr-Thorp Electric is a valuable resource for in-depth product and application knowledge.

Our goal is to set the standard for automation and control excellence. Our newsletters will always present the latest technical products, helping you to keep abreast of advancing technology and best practices.

Photo1Kollmorgen STF Food Grade Washdown Servo Motors
Kollmorgen’s family of high torque density servomotors provides the widest range of features and options in the industry. Our robust selection allows you to select exactly the right motor for your application, without having to over spec and over pay.


SICK miniTwin Safety Light Curtain

Photo1The miniTwin safety light curtain is named for its miniature size and twin stick principle. With a cross section of 15mm x 32mm, it is by far the smallest safety light curtain on the market. Combined with the broad range of lengths available, the miniTwin can be more closely matched to the size of the area needing protection. Its award-winning twin stick design combines the sender and receiver into one stick, simplifying ordering and reducing inventory costs.


Photo1Rethink Robotics Introduces "Baxter"
Rethink Robotics believes all manufacturers, regardless of size and technology experience, should have an equal opportunity to benefit from industrial robots. They should be affordable. They should be safe to operate around people. They should be easy to train and work right out of the box. And most of all, they should help U.S. manufacturers increase production while keeping jobs from migrating overseas. Simply put, we are rethinking robotics. Barr-Thorp Electric and Rethink Robotics believes you will too.


Tofino Industrial Security Solutions - Security For SCADA and Industrial Process Control Systems
Photo1A Tofino Security system protects industrial networks, SCADA systems and process control facilities from external cyber threats and internal network incidents. The system consists of one or more security appliances that are configured with firewall software and other optional modules. It protects groups of PLCs, DCS, RTUs, and HMIs that have similar security needs.


SCADA Security Basics: Why are PLCs so Insecure?
An article by Erik Schweigert, BSc
Embedded Systems Developer at Tofino Security

The following is an excerpt from Erik's complete article:

Twenty years ago, who thought of cyber security? At that time, the word security referred to a set of keys to lock or unlock the door to the control room in the oil refinery. There was no Stuxnet back then, in fact, at that time the Internet was just coming online.

The goal at the time was to provide the correct functionality to control various systems using PLCs. This goal was achieved and is now an integral cog in any control system. The other goal was to make interconnection as easy as possible. There is, however, a negative impact. This interconnectedness means it is easier access for a hacker or virus to propagate a network. An unknown entry point in the office network may contain a long forgotten link to the plant floor.

Read Erik's complete article by clicking on the link below.


ACE News Brief
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December 2012


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