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Barr-Thorp provides

Consistent delivery of outstanding service, quality products and expert support

We serve Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado.


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About us

Founded in 1923, Barr-Thorp Electric Company is a third generation, family-owned business that has grown through the consistent delivery of outstanding service, quality products and expert support. Our industry edge is supplying products that require engineering assistance for proper selection and installation. However, as a full-line distributor, we offer a full breadth of products including items that are commonly considered commodities.

Our diverse customer base consists of OEMs, system integrators and industrial users. Barr-Thorp works hard to ensure your operation is running with optimum performance and sustainability. We offer expertise in applying the best technology to improve production flow. Whether you are an OEM in need of new ideas or a plant engineer trying to fix an ongoing problem, we have nearly a century of excellence behind us, Barr-Thorp will figure it out.

Barr-Thorp boasts six locations located in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado. We believe that outsourcing can be avoided through the implementation of the right technology. Give us a call and we’ll help you improve quality, lower costs and become more profitable.


Electrical Fire Protection vs. Prevention: Risk Management Based on Smart Sensing

Commercial and industrial property and casualty insurers have historically focused primarily on electrical fire protection, which – in case a fire occurs – minimizes property damage and business interruption along with reducing the risk of injury and death. However, today’s quickly evolving smart sensing technologies are enabling a new, more valuable move...

Six Common Mistakes When Setting Up Safety Laser Scanners

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Augmented reality becomes actual reality

Augmented reality (AR) was once the stuff of Hollywood fantasies. Remember Marty McFly’s son in Back to the Future II sporting a head-mounted graphical display at the kitchen table? How about the use of AR-based gesture recognition throughout Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report? Or the helmet-mounted AR display in Iron Man? Since these films hit...