5 Customizations Barr-Thorp Can Make to your Motor

Specific power transmission projects can require maximum torque in minimal space. If this sounds like a problem you’re trying to solve, using a custom gear motor may be the best solution.

Custom gear motors are ideal solutions for equipment and applications that require unique torque or replicating obsolete components. Designed to integrate easily into existing equipment, custom gear motors can be tailored to meet the needs of any application. When you work with Barr-Thorp to customize your gear motor, you will receive components designed to meet your exact needs.

Barr-Thorp can customize motor options to find the best value for your rated custom OEM requirements

If you outsource motors, gear motors, or reducers for your system, a combination of flexibility and profitability will need to be provided. Barr-Thorp goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure the gear motors, reducers, and motors we supply precisely meet the performance needs of your application. That includes directly consultation throughout the selection process, in development and through providing testing assistance when requested.

Barr-Thorp will simplify your design and help you to meet challenging application requirements. From custom cables, connectors, and particular motor shafts, to unique gearhead and mounting designs, almost every component can be modified. We also offer an extensive array of pre-designed options, including holding brakes and feedback devices.

**Ways to customize your gear motor **

Gearbox and Motor Orientation

Barr-Thorp can modify the orientation of any motor and gearbox combination. We can create any type of custom gearbox—parallel shaft, right angle, integral, unvented, or hollow shaft.


Cables coming from the terminal box of a motor is essential for installation into a system. By creating and preinstalling custom cables on a customized motor, valuable time can be saved during an installation. There can also be modifications made to terminal boxes by adding special connectors like a Mil-Spec design.

Add-on Options

Barr-Thorp can assist with the technology selection, installation of encoders and customized feedback devices. Brake modules, shaft accessories, and custom motor nameplates are additional features to add on to your customized solution.

Motor Modifications

Barr-Thorp’s longstanding relationships with our motor manufacturers provides us with the flexibility to solve complex applications where a customized motor is needed. Modifications to an AC/DC motor can increase the dependability of motors in a specific application. They can lengthen motor life in harsh environments and reduce overall machine cost. One of the most common modifications occurs in the motor shaft. Making length and diameter changes is typical, but not limited to special steps on the shaft or different keyways that may be needed to meet specific requirements.


By design, gearmotors were built to outlast user-integrated motors and reducers. Mating flanges of C-Face motors and reducers don’t usually seal well, which could lead to outside environmental elements entering the cavity. The gearbox combinations have no bearing to support the motor input, so the motor output bearing supports the reducer input shaft. In most motors, the bearing is not rated for the axial loads it will see during use, which could make bearing fail prematurely. When the bearing does fail, the resulting misalignment of the motor shaft will destroy the input seal to the reducer and damage the gearing.

These issues are eliminated with gear motors due to the factory machined seal. The gear motor’s internal components are designed to work together with the environments and mechanical stresses to which they are subjected to are known. When specifying and selecting a gear motor, it’s critical to know and understand gear motor system power, and not just motor power.

Typically, gear motor manufacturers publish specified motor output power, which often does not accurately convey actual gear motor output power. Barr-Thorp assists our customers by showing the calculations to fully optimize a gear motor solution and help specify or selecting a gear motor for an OEM application. The Barr-Thorp team gives customers a technical resource to consult without them needing to rely on the published motor power specifications of each manufacturer, which alone can be deceiving.

Barr-Thorp Electric is proud to be a one-stop-shop for all of your custom electric motor needs, supplying select and modified motors that comply with the strictest standards while meeting the most demanding application requirements. Challenging and unique specifications are our specialty.

Barr-Thorp Electric Company can provide a solution for your motor and gearbox needs by creating a customized solution for your application. To learn more, contact Barr-Thorp at 1-800-473-9123.